Thursday, December 15, 2011

How To Make Money Blogging

Want to make money by blogging? All you have to do is type!  More and more people are starting blogging because they find that the profits are highly enticing.  You can earn that few dollars extra a week for a coffee or frappe, or if you are really good you can earn a hundred dollars a month or more. Thousands of teens blog these days, it is really easy and a great way to make some extra cash.

This blog will show you how to earn money just by typing something just like you would for a paper for school. The picture below shows you some ways people make money by blogging.

The first step is to obviously sign up. Go to just like you are viewing this blog on and click the Sign Up button. It is really easy to get signed up, and then choose your layout with the Design tap. Then you are ready to start writing!

Now I am going to rank some of the top ways, from the highest outcome paying to the lowest, of ways to make money by blogging.

1. Adsense:
 Adsense is arguably the biggest and best way to earn revenue off your blogs.  Basically all you do is go to and sign up!  You have to provide personal information because they do pay you real money, but there are no fees, no costs, no credit card information. You can have the money sent by check or straight to your bank account.  The "main idea" of Adsense put into simple terms is that you write these blogs on whatever you want (Hint: write on what people are interested in so you get LOTS of views) and then they put up ads on your site and when people click on them you make money. I have earned over $2 on one ad per click sometimes! The ads change randomly and will normally form to your site and what it is about so people will click on what they are interested in. That is why you see eBay, silver, gold, and money ads on my site.  Then once you make over your first $100 they send you a check or deposit the money and then continue to pay you each month.

2. Affiliate Programs:
These include recommending quality products like these here on Blogger: Thesis WordPress theme, Yaro’s Blog Mastermind Coaching Program and How to Launch the F*** out of your E-Book (and others) as well as some great products on my photography blog including 123 of Digital Imaging, David DuChemin’s amazing Photography E-Books and Mitchell Kanashkevich’s great ebooks.

You can sign up for these and then when your site recommends someone, you get money. Easy as that.

3. Private Ads:
This involves doing a bit more work. You have to find and email companies or private sponsors willing to host an ad on your site and pay you a certain amount to host that ad. Normally you will need a lot of traffic or at least a decent amount per day and a good CPR to get a private sponsor.

4. Amazon's Products:
Depending on your blog topic this could be a BIG money maker. Amazon’s affiliate program basically lets you earn 15% of the products price that you host on your site. So say you advertise a $100 camera on your site and someone buys it, that would be $15 for you! This could make your profits jump sky high!

If you have ANY questions on how to get started with blogging or making/increasing revenue from your blog, comment on this post and I will respond ASAP and help you out in every way I possibly can!


  1. i would like to increase my revenue, I'm currently blogging about college, so if you have any pointers i would appreciate it

  2. Tip one: Use all the ideas to make revenue that I put in the above content.
    Tip two: Expand your blog, purchase a domain for your site so a .com or .org and not hosted by blogspot, etc.

  3. hi,

    i really want to go to my dream college but it's about $30,000 and my parents can't afford it and so they will send me to a community college. I really don't want to go to a community college, i want to go to my dream college. I want an online job where I can review or something and get paid easily without having to lose anything. Please help me. I want to try the google adsense, but I'm not understanding it much.
    Email me at:


    1. Sara,
      I'm sorry to dash your hopes but VERY few blogs make enough money to live off of, let alone go to college on. A blog that is considered very good earnings can be anywhere from $300 a month to a few thousands, and even the lower end of $300 a month is very difficult to earn unless you write about something that interests people tremendously or you get very good traffic to your site. Most blogs for amateurs will average anywhere from $10-$100 per month. Which would not give you much money for college. It is a start though. If I could give you some tips here they are:

      1. Get a job. A real one such as where you work in a movie theater, store, etc. That will be your main source of income.

      2. Learn how to budget your money. Visit my link here

      3. Do as many odd jobs as you can for extra money. Babysit, mow some lawns, anything you can do. Even sell things you have on eBay to earn extra money. I have a great article on it. Look through my blog for my eBay article.

      4. To try Google Adsense, just google how to set up a Google Adsense Account. Then set up your own account and get started.

      Hope this helps!

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