Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Money With Online Surveys: Scam or Not?

Many people always ask whether a certain "Awesome site!" they heard about from another online site or post that will make them "Hundreds per month!" or even if it specifically tells you "$10 a day for only 10 minutes!" is a scam or real. Well, I can tell you flat off the bat, 99.9% of those sites are scams and lies.

Is it a Trick???
Don't you think that if you could make $10 in ten minutes ($60 an hour) most people would do that? Probably. Even if you think "oh, well you can only make $10 a day and it takes only 10 minutes so you can make a few hundred a month", NO. If anyone could earn a few hundred dollars by filling out a couple multiple choice tests, most people would.  Which is why I'm here to guide you. It may be difficult to find out whether or not these sites are scams because believe it or not, these sites pay people to go posting on common places you would go to look up if it is reliable or not, like Yahoo Answers, and say that it's an ""Awesome site!"

I am not saying there is no such site that will pay you a certain amount of money, because they all do. And I even have personal experience with this. I've personally tried Cashcrate.com, SurveyMonkey.com, and SurveyMasterMind.com. All popular sites, but all never actually paying me what they said they will.

Here is the catch. You get roped in with offers saying "Earn up to $75 per survey!" or anything of that sort and so you sign up, enter your email address, information, etc.  And all of these sites are free to join! Which is true. Important: If a survey site asks you for financial information such as credit card numbers or payments, do NOT join, they will literally take your  money from you.  But the ones that don't ask that are fine, go ahead and join you  just won't make the money you were promised, but they will not steal money from you because they do not have your financial information and they will not ask for it. I have never run into a popular survey site to ask for my financial information.

Anyways, back to how you waste your time with these surveys.  Here is the TRUE story about what will happen once you get into a survey site with offers to make money:

  1. You will see that you have a $10 limit per day or something close to that
  2. You will see each survey is only worth $1.00 or less (between $.25 cents and $1.00 depending on how long it takes to complete)
  3. You will spend 15 minutes on ONE $.75 cent survey.
  4. Then when you have spent 2 hours and have about $5.00 total, you will see that they do not send a check until you reach the goal of $30, $40, or $50 it requires to get your check.
THIS is real life online survey taking. I have personally experienced it and so has everyone else trying the "Get Rich Quick" Scheme. You can try these sites if you want, and once in, they WILL do what they promise, if you earn $30 and that is when you can receive a check, they will send it. But it will have taken you 3 weeks 2 hours a day to earn $30. Which is equal to earning 71 cents per hour. Great huh?  Also if you do happen to get to that goal, it will take them 4-8 weeks to send your check. But I am all for online entrepreneurship so if you want to try, go ahead! Nothing will hurt except it is a waste of your own time.  If you want real money, try the ideas throughout my blog, they work.

Last quick tip, if you have any questions about sites that are reliable or not, post it as a comment below and I will answer for you after doing research on it.  Or go to http://www.mywot.com to check if it has been rated reliable and trustworthy by others.

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