Friday, November 18, 2011

“Creativity is money”

“Creativity is money”

Once upon a mystical time the writer of this blog said the phrase above.  And it is true.  Those with less creativity will be less enthused to make money and have less ideas on how to do it.  It’s really not that hard to spend some time thinking of how it make money. And it’s kind of fun. All these ideas on this blog I thought of or have heard of.  There are plenty of fun easy creative ways to make money. 
Just a few ideas are:

1.       Read the blog. There are plenty on here already.
2.       Think of what you are good at. Video games? Poker? Etc. Have a tournament with some friends. $5 buy ins winner takes 75% 2nd gets 25%.  If you are good at it there is a good chance you will win. And even if you only make $10, that’s $10 and you played a game that you would for free to get it.
3.       Figure out what to sell, have a garage sale, go to garage sales and buy things then sell them for more at your own garage sale
4.       Get easy jobs around you. Mow some lawns, babysit, watch pets, clean garages, carry things for people, unload trucks, help with gardening, watch houses and collect mail while people are out of town, etc.
5.       Set up some flyers for advertising for any of the above ideas
6.       Do things for your relatives, wash some cars, sell baked  goods
All of these ideas may seem either childish or simple, but if you don’t like them get a job. Fill out some applications. But these are the basics. You gotta start somewhere with making money. And sometimes people like to be on their own schedule and these are things that let you do that. Jumping right into a job may not be for everyone because it is a big time commitment. But after doing some smaller ideas, and seeing how much more money you have to just do anything with, it may inspire them to get a job.  Remember, everyone starts small and it is where you go after you start that matters.

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